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When Someone Takes a Shot…

I think it was Stan Toler who came up with the idea that he had received enough “constructive criticism” to build a mansion.

Simply put, leaders are going to be criticized.  This is especially true in ministry leadership.  For some bizarre reason, everybody feels like it’s o.k. to pop a shot at the pastor from time to time…

So, here are my current strategies for handling criticism and critics: 

  • If they love Jesus and love me, I’m open to listening.  If they don’t, sorry, but don’t waste my time or yours.  That way I don’t have to worry about what some pious gasbag in the congregation across town thinks of me or my church.
  • I don’t listen to “some feel” or “others are saying” type of stuff.  If you can’t give me a name, one of two things must be true: Either it’s made up or it’s you.
  • And let’s make sure we know this – anytime we decide to move forward for God, there WILL be criticism.  We will be talked about, questioned, and even misrepresented to others.  Jesus said we should rejoice in such things…  Seems odd, but that critique might be the proof that what we’re doing is right.
  • If an accusation is really weighing on me, I’ll find one, or at the most two, other trusted Christians and ask them, “What do you think?.”  I ask them to pray with me and for me to help me grasp what I should do next.
  • Finally, I try to never let the potential for criticism paralyze me into inaction.  If we decide to take no action until we’re assured no one will squawk, we will never do anything!


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    April 17, 2008 at 7:30 am

    Understood! Thanks!

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