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He’s no Morris Buttermaker, but…

A co-worker of a friend wrote this recently on “Why I Coach Little League Baseball.”   It’s priceless…

I am the veritable archetype of the strong, fatherly figure that these little monkeys need to bring discipline and structure to lives that have been torn asunder by parents too engrossed in their own self-actualization activities to provide for their own offspring.  I am uniquely endowed with the skills, and fortunately for these poor kids,  the spare time after work hours to guide them through the mine fields of pre-adolescence in a structured, team-oriented environment.  They will endure trials by fire, for that is certain in any worthwhile endeavor that pits men, young as they are, in pitched combat against others that wish to take that which our team will have worked so hard to gain. 

There may be casualties in our 5-inning battles, but if we do not fight these battles now, we shall be forced to fight them with an assuredly higher cost in lives lost to the siren allures of Nintendo, X-box and other non-athletic pursuits.  I know I don’t have to explain these hazards to you.

(Patriotic music playing softly at first then building in a crescendo…)

Please be confident in the fact that I will bring my charges through that fire, and help forge them into the baseball game winning machine in which each child will proudly declare to be a small part.  They will suffer, yes, but they will know through their suffering the true meaning of sacrifice for the good of the team, and their coach.

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