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Sunday Replay 04.06.08

What a gorgeous day!  It doesn’t get much better than spring in Indiana!  Blue sky, sunshine, nice warm temperatures… It was a day made for being outside!

In the house, the worship band did another terrific job!  I’m loving the various people who are stepping up to get involved, and the continuous improvement is incredible.  If someone had told you two or three months ago that we would be experiencing worship like we did today, would you have believed them?  Me neither!  But I believe it, because I’ve seen it.  Thanks worship team – we’ve got to get you guys a catchy name of some kind – for helping us enter God’s presence.

We started our new message series, “Homerun! Knocking Life Out of the Park,” with a bang…  The “vintage” radio homerun calls were great.  I don’t think I’ll soon forget, “Get out your rye bread, Grandma, it’s grand salami time!”  And yeah, you really had to be here…

This morning’s message was focused on spending purposeful, intentional, consistent time with God on a daily basis.  We looked at the life of Jesus to see that He got up early, went off by Himself and prayed.  We saw that He had a habit of going off into the wilderness by Himself to spend time with the Father, and that on at least one occasion He spent an entire night in prayer.  We saw that Jesus experienced some things in His life because He spent time with the Father: Jesus got direction, focus, and strength because He was with the Father.  We can experience those same things in our own lives if we will spend time with God.

It was so exciting to see nearly every hand raised, making commitments to begin spending that purposeful, meaningful time with God on a daily basis.  Now it’s important that we encourage and support one another in that, and that we hold each other accountable for walking out that commitment.

We just finished a fantastic combine Elders and Deacons meeting.  We talked mostly about vision, and walked our property talking about the things we see in our future as we seek God’s guidance and direction.  These are exciting times at Jubilee, folks, and the best is still to come.  Ask and elder or deacon what it means when you see the tape on the floor…

Coming up soon is our video marriage conference with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs (05.10.08), and OMG! Bible Beach Club is just 10 WEEKS AWAY!!!  That’s exciting and scary at the same time!

Have a great week!

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