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“Fox and Friends” is always on one of the TV’s at the Y where I work out in the mornings.  The volume is turned down and the closed captions are on…  Now my understanding is that on a live broadcast, a real person is transcribing what is being said into a computer program that encodes it for the captioning process.  Those people work hard, and I’m sure they’re wonderful people, but sometimes the mistakes that make it onto the screen are hilarious:

Barack Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was described as his “mental tore.”  (Considering some of the stuff that has come to light the last few days, that one may not be too far off…)

On Monday, St. Patrick’s day was repeatedly referred to as “said this Patrick’s day.”

Al Sharpton was identified as “reveal Sharpton.”

It’s funny to me because I have another point of reference – but it must be very confusing to the person who depends on the captions for accurate information.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how Christians talk to each other… It must sound like a secret code to folks who aren’t members of the club.  Why do we ask people to “share with” us instead of “telling” us what’s going on in their lives?  Why do we try to “be a blessing” to someone instead of just helping them out?

The cross and the concepts of atonement and justification and redemption and propitiation are tough enough for those who are far from God to get their heads around.  Why do we compound the problem by making them learn another language, or at least another dialect?

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