Sunday Replay 3.16.08

What a terrific day we had at Jubilee!  We had guests in the house and that’s always exciting… The “change up” in worship turned out good…  heartfelt responses during ministry time… It all added up to a tangible sense of excitement and enthusiasm that is growing in our fellowship!

Week three of “Words that Change the World” found us taking a fresh look at two more of Jesus’ statements from the cross.  “It is finished,” meant that His suffering was over and our salvation is secured.  “Father, into Your Hands I commit my spirit,” speaks of Jesus’ intimacy with the Father.  Having carried the sins of the world, Jesus could now place Himself and eternal destiny in the Father’s strong hands.  We are invited into that same place of intimate fellowship, safety, and security – in God’s hands is the safest place to be!

We’ve got a busy week ahead – getting 5000 eggs stuffed and ready to go for the Egg Hunt on Saturday, setting the house for hosting the community Sunrise Service on Sunday, and preparing to welcome many guests for our Easter service later that morning — a huge “thanks” in advance to everyone who will tote, move, cook, park cars, greet, usher, and otherwise serve in the days to come.  We’re going to need “all hands on deck!”

I almost forgot!  Our new “Portable Baptistry” will arrive Monday afternoon!   The folks at Tubs2Go have been great to work with, a very easy, smooth transaction.  Now the challenge: will we get busy and put it to use?

Have a great week!

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