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Sunday Replay 03.02.08

We got a “spring tease” yesterday with sunny, clear skies, and temps in the 50’s!  But it’s already fading away…  It said to us, with a straight face, “See what’s coming, Hoosiers?  But not yet… No.  Not yet…”

People who are interested in involvement in worship ministry are beginning to emerge, ready to use their talents and gifts to honor and exalt the Lord.  There were some amazing conversations that took place after service yesterday.  I’m more excited than ever at the direction God is taking us in our praise and devotion to Him!

The new “Word’s that Change the World” series got off to a good start, as we looked at the words Jesus spoke from the cross that let us know that we can be forgiven.  In His prayer for those who were crucifying Him, Jesus told us that we can be forgiven for our part in His death… In His arrangement for the care of His mother, Mary, we see that even when we are going through pain and disappointment, Jesus cares for us… And in Jesus’ assignment of John to care for Mary, we see that He offers restoration if we’ll meet Him at the cross.  The old hymn, “Near the Cross” was a great prayer for most of us and a fitting way to end our time together.

These are exciting times at Jubilee!  Remember why we do what we do: To glorify God by drawing those who are far from Him “near to the cross.”

And I’ve got to give a BIG Cougar Shout-out to our Carroll High men’s basketball team for winning the sectional title over Seegar on Saturday night!  It is the first sectional victory since CHS was opened in 1961!  Way to go Cougars – now let’s win the region, and on to State!!!

Have a great week!

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