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The Most Exciting Time of the Year!

words-logo.jpegwords-logo.jpegwords-logo.jpegI’m so pumped about kicking off the Easter season at Jubilee this Sunday!  Tomorrow, we will begin a new series of messages on “Words That Changed the World.”  We’ll look at some words that are so important and so impactful that they can literally change my life and your life, if we will hear them… If we will listen, we will hear Jesus say words that let us know that we’re forgiven… Words that can give us hope when things seem hopeless… Words that help us know that we can overcome… Words that can bring dead things back to life.

Also coming up quickly is our 3rd annual Easter Egg Hunt, my favorite outreach of the year.  This year we will hide 5000 eggs!  We expect over 100 kids to take part.  This is a fantastic opportunity to share the love of Jesus with a bunch of folks in our community.  Come and be part of it, Saturday, March 22nd, 10AM.

We are this year’s hosts for the Community Sunrise Service, 6:30 AM Easter Sunday morning.  The building and parking lot will be packed, so come early for a good seat, and Jubilee folks should park in the “overflow lot” across the road from the building.  We will serve breakfast afterward.

And don’t dare miss next Sunday!  We will share how anyone can become a missionary in about an hour, for $2.05!

This is a busy, exciting time of year.  Jesus is alive and we’re going to do our best to make sure everyone in our community knows it!

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