Still More from C3

I wasn’t joking when I told some folks it will take me three weeks to process everything I saw and heard at the Creative Church Conference last week.  I’ve got a couple more posts in the works – and maybe even more when I get to watch the conference dvd’s I ordered…

Here are some highlights from Tommy Barnett, Pastor of First Assembly of God in Phoenix, AZ.  He spoke on the topic of wanting to quit the ministry:

The nature of the ministry is that when you’re in, you want out, and when you’re out, you want back in!

Wanting to quit is a sign of success – if you’re not successful, there’s nothing to quit.

It’s better to try and fail than to not try at all.  Now, I’m not for rising and falling – but I’m also not for never rising.

The more you have to quit, the more you want to quit.

Starbucks has kept me in the ministry – until the anointing comes, we’ve got Starbucks!

Do not expose yourself to what you don’t want to be.  (Scott says: That one line was worth the total cost of the trip to me…)

Great men are ordinary men who refused to quit.

More to come…

    February 27, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    Amen to the Starbuck’s comment……give me a ‘GRANDE VANILLA LATTE’ ANYTIME!!!!……..I gotta see the dvd’s man!!!

    Put me down for next year!!!!! I already told the boss man I got plans on February 18,19 & 20. (i know it’s only the 19 & 20 but I need time to pack!)

    Thanks for the blog & God Bless!

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