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Somewhere in my travels last week I caught a nasty cold/flu thing, so I’ve been self-medicating and sleeping alot.  I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging, so here are some more highlights of the C3 conference:

Mac Richard (pronounced “rishARD”) is pastor of Lake Hills Church in Austin Texas…

“There is a tension between community and responsibility.”

“When someone loves you , they will hold you accountable.”

“Leaders are shaped under the hammer and the heat.”

“Measure the stuff that matters.”

Perry Noble is pastor of NewSpring Church of Anderson, SC…

“Pastors and ministry leaders sometimes buy into the lie that what we do doesn’t matter – Not true!  We are called to serve in the only organization on this earth established by Jesus Christ Himself…”

“If you’re pastoring a church you wouldn’t attend if you weren’t the pastor – you’ve got problems.”

“If the tomb is empty, our churches should reflect it and every Sunday should be an absolute blowout celebration of the resurrected Lord!”

“You’re only as deep as the last person you served in Jesus’ name.”

“Do the people who show up at our church see Jesus? That’s all that matters.”

Next time I’ll cover Tommy Barnett and T. D. Jakes…

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