C3 O M G…

I’m sitting here with the conference 3/4’s over and my head and heart are so full I’m not sure I can take anymore!

I can say without reservation that the Creative Church Conference is the best conference I have ever been to – and I’ve been to a bunch of ’em.  To my pastor and ministry leader friends who read my blog – and I so love and appreciate you guys – you have GOT to get to this conference!  C3 2009 is February 19-20 at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas.

I have to say I got a different conference than I anticipated… I was looking for ideas, “how-we-did-it’s,” and “how to’s.”  What I got was a time of refreshing and encouragement and support that what we do in the church is the most important work in the world.  I have wept and chuckled, winced when the truth kicked me in the shins, and nodded my head and said “Amen!” more times than I can count.  More than anything, God has opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities that can come from faithfulness and a willingness to be used and empowered by Him.

I can’t do any of the speakers justice and keep my word count under 5K, but here are some highlights.  These are from my notes and in most cases not direct quotations:

Ed Young on betrayal, brokenness and being in a pit like Joseph:

“Everyone of us is either pre-pit, in the pit, or post-pit… Pit happens.”

“Sometimes God will break you down, so He can break you out and break you through to a new level.”  He wants to move us from ‘Why me?’ to ‘What Next?'”

“Only those who are close to us can betray us.  Our enemies can’t betray us, only those who love us can.  (Quoting Bishop T. D. Jakes)‘There’s always a Judas at the table, close enough to kiss ya…'”

“In a pit, we can choose to either look down and around or to look up to God.”

“In betrayal, the devil is tipping us off to blessings in the future, waiting around the corner.”

“The pit is ‘character school’.  Joseph’s talents and abilities took him to places his character couldn’t keep him at first.  He wasn’t developed enough or mature enough until he went through his pit experiences.  Character and talent have to ‘sync up’ before we can advance to the next level.”

“We’re in a sprint, not a marathon… Joseph spent 12 years in an Egyptian prison, being prepared the entire time to be Prince of Egypt.  God builds patience and endurance in us when we’re in the pit.”

Whew and amen!  More later…

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