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Sunday Replay 02.03.08

No snow falling and the promise of a warming trend brightened things up considerably on another “Super” Sunday here at Jubilee…

Sunday was the fifth week of our “Life on Loan” church-wide experience.  One of our leaders said, “The book is great, the sermons have been great – this has been a very good way to start our year!”  Amen to that, and I agree (o.k., I’m a little harsher judge of the sermons, but other than that, I agree).

The message was “Learning to Love” based on what is sometimes know as Jesus’ “second greatest commandment,” to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Among other things, we saw that (1) Loving others is not an option, it’s an expectation; (2) Loving others proves that we are connected to God; and (3) Loving others showcases God’s glory to the world.  We talked about the practical side of loving others, and found that we can get off to a great start by(1) Asking God to give us hearts full of Christ-like love; (2) Putting our love to work by “doing stuff” and meeting practical, material needs; and (3) Spending time with people we wouldn’t normally spend time with.

We also nominated people to serve as deacons/deaconesses.  It was exciting to see God working in the selection of 2 terrific candidates, Chris E. and Josh E.  Please begin praying for these men as we enter our period of consideration.  As always, if anyone recognizes a scriptural reason why either of them should not serve, please contact Pastor Scott ASAP.  Barring that, we will set them apart to their ministry in early March.

Have a terrific week!

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