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Sunday Replay 1-6-2008


Our first fantastic Sunday of 2008!

A new “praise combo” led worship for the first time.  Thanks Candi, Josh, and Ben, you did a great job!  Thanks for including a couple of tunes for an “old-schooler” like me and for teaching us a new one.  We’re looking forward to hearing more.

We also kicked off our “Life On Loan” church-wide experience – a six week journey into letting God’s story intersect our story so that we can make an eternal difference in someone else’s story.  Every level of our fellowship is involved – Bible Buddies and Kid’s Church, Friction Youth, and our small groups.  I heard a good report from last night’s small group – a good crowd and good discussion.

We continue to pray for Kathy and Tom as Kathy is treated for cancer at the Mayo Clinic.  This morning we heard that they will be coming home at the end of January for about a month, then back to Mayo for the surgery at the end of February.  Please continue to pray for healing, for Kathy’s strength and peace of mind, and for Tom’s first steps as a new follower of Christ.

The message Sunday was “Who Are You… Really?” the first message in our Life On Loan series.  We talked about some ways we identify ourselves to others that don’t accurately describe who we really are.  We talked about the fact that we are writing a story with our lives, and if we allow Him to, God will use our story to help write His Story.  We talked about our lives as trash cans that get filled up with junk that holds us down and gets us off track, and about how we have to let God take the trash out so that He can use us for His purposes. 

It was a blessing and a privilege to minister to the dozen or so who came forward to say they wanted to get the trash out of their lives!  I’m excited to see what God is going to be during in all our lives during “Life On Loan.”

  Just one more thing: I was a little concerned about how much some of you seemed to enjoy me toting that trash can around…  I prayed for you today 🙂

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