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I Could Use Some Help

I’m working on a project and here’s what I’m needing – We use the “Finding Your Spiritual Gifts” inventory by Peter Wagner with our folks who are seeking to know more about their gifts. It is a revised and expanded version of the old Wagner-Modified Houts Questionnaire. And yes, I realize Wagner’s identification of 27 spiritual gifts is controversial in some circles, but I managed to get past that and I’m not too interested in discussing whether or not he’s right.

What I am interested in is rethinking the gifts with an “outward” or missional focus. Traditionally, we have encouraged people to use their gifts in “service to the church,” but I see Christ’s followers being told to wait for the Spirit’s empowering so they could fulfill the Great Commission, which takes place in “the world.” I want our folks to begin to see and use their gifts in service to the community beyond our church walls.

So, I’d be interested in your ideas. What types of outwardly focused, missional ministry could be facilitated by someone with, say, the gifts of mercy and helps? Leadership and administration? Miracles and healings? Etc.

Am I making any sense? If so, I’d sure appreciate you helping me connect some dots between the specific gifts in the survey and missional ministry. Y’know, when you’ve got a spare couple of hours to help a brother out…

BTW, I also “get” that some folks believe certain gifts are no longer being given to believers. That’s ok, I’m not interested in debating the right/wrong of cessationism with anybody. Just let me know your ideas on the gifts you do think are still given.

I will compile and distribute back to anyone who’s interested what I receive.

Here’s a link to a church website that uses Wagner’s list, and the definitions for the gifts: http://buildingchurch.net/g2s-d.htm

P.S., Feel free to pass this on to other ministry leaders you know. I’m sending out an email and posting this in a couple of forums I participate in. If you’d link to it and pass it on to other ministry leaders you know, I’d sure appreciate it.

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